We want to help make the home buying experience easier. At Riverside Home Inspections, we utilize technology to find hidden problems that the human eye cannot see.

What's in that Sewer Pipe?

Riverside Home Inspections uses innovative ways to see plumbing, pipes, sewer lines, septic systems, and more. Our Rigid sewer camera will inspire confidence when buying a home, or avoid that $10,000+ repair bill.

Is that a Leak?

Riverside Home Inspections now has x-ray vision! Our FLIR thermal imaging camera will look through walls to find insulation voids, water leaks, electrical hazards, and much more. Be sure that missing peice of flashing isn't going to ruin the weekend. 

             Why should you have your home inspected?

             Here are some interesting things we find...

Attic FrostBad FlashingBad SupportCarpenter AntsCharred AtticDecayed SupportNo SheathingSaturated Leachfieldtn 1200 Asbestos 1Vertical Crack

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